Targeted towards Telecom Passive Operations, infraSTAT is a software solution that delivers efficient data management to help you manage your processes, equipment, and resources better. It gives near real-time access to all your data on an organisation-wide platform, enhances visibility and control of your operations, and equips you to avoid discrepancies and faults in the management of your network.


infraSTAT is being used to manage over 10,000 towers across ten different countries in Africa, today.


infraSTAT's modules integrate with your existing IT infrastructure without disrupting the on-going process and are engineered to provide powerful governance, reports, and analyses from your operations.


Energy Management

A module that lets you track, govern, and schedule your fuelling process and grid availability

"infraSTAT collects fuel-drawing data from an African client and matches that real-time data with fuel-filling patterns to reduce inefficient fuel drawing."



This module allows tracking, scheduling, trouble-tickets, and escalations for maintenance activities to reduce time between failures and quicker resolution of faults

"In Tanzania, infraSTAT found that 35% of PM's were unplanned and resulted in useless over-maintenance and OPEX spend. infraSTAT audits PM visits using door alarm when alarms are available or geo-locations through field-force mobiles."



The module, with its extensive pre-built interfaces to hardware and enterprise data feeds, ensures you the capability to write new interfaces to suit your network variables

"With pre-built interfaces to external alarms for NSN, Ericsson, and Huawei and interfaces to RMS systems such as Inala or your Fixed Asset Registry, infraSTAT has capabilities to integrate your network data in a matter of weeks."



infraSTAT dashboards allow near real-time, personalised performance monitoring that facilitates smart decision making through reports, data visualisations, and analyses across devices

"Subcon Operation Managers and Country Heads access the data they need while on the move with dashboards on their device."



This module gives you the advantage of our analytics algorithms that make visible the possible efficiencies at the process or Network level by looking at diverse data from multiple streams

"infraSTAT has been used to measure the impact of deployed Hybrid DG's in Kenya. We regularly map vendor performance or tenant wise profitability for clients among infraSTAT's extensive analytics capabilities."

Simply put, infraSTAT is a differentiated provider that simplifies the Telecom Passive Network with ease and gives users complete Visibility, Control, Governance, and Focus.